Mining projects in NSW, QLD and W.A

Some projects as follows:
  • design check of composite steel / concrete mill floor for heavy floor loads during mill re-lining
  • design for a 130m diameter building over main stockpile
  • inspection and redesign of existing bridges
  • design of changehouse building
  • design of lifting and chairing for the segmental installation of a 22 tonne ladder x 185m long, down a raisebore shaft
  • design of 300 tonne primary crusher lift arrangement for regrout (see photo)
  • design of various restoration schemes for 120 tonne overhead crane at primary crusher (see photo)
  • report on damage to main ore skip during major system failure
  • design of tunnel Z-doors for pressure balancing
  • complete structural audit of entire mine facility on an annual basis
  • stockpile cover failure investigation including wind tunnel study
  • design of take-up towers, platforms, stairs etc.
  • design of forklift attachments, man-baskets, truck body mods
  • design of support structures for conveyors, cranes, magnets, belt-weighers, lifting devices, monorails, etc.